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I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.

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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2013|11:47 pm]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
I give up. I give up on explaining. I'm resigned, I'm jaded, just think whatever you want to think.

You might never realised that people may not love you the way you want them to, does not mean that they don't love you. This time round, I really give up explaining. 
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2013|12:19 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
When the influx of emotions come in, I just feel like curling up and crying to sleep. I guess I usually sweep these emotions underneath the carpet and be busy. 
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2013|12:38 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
I'm just a really average girl. I want to be happy. Things that make me happy are pretty floral clothing, nice scents, good wifi, in summary, it's not that hard to make me happy. 
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(no subject) [Dec. 14th, 2012|01:20 pm]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
Exams have finally finally ended. For me, I still feel so lost. 
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2012|08:36 pm]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
"In three words, I can sum up everything I've learn about life: It goes on." 
-Robert Frost 

It sums up everything. Robert Frost, author of one of my favourite poems of all time, "The Road Not Taken". Yes, life goes on. 
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2012|04:04 pm]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
Hello November, you're not treating me well.


If only you knew, but you never will. It doesn't make a difference to you actually. Like dust in the wind. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2012|04:37 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
[Current Mood |contentcontent]

Have you ever felt like you're so afraid of losing something? Well, I have, in fact, I feel it every single day. Maybe that's why it makes me so much more grateful for every constant in my life. 

I can't really sleep. It's almost 5am and I'm wide awake. My body clock will be back to normal when school starts. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2012|02:45 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
   And so today, I'm going to blog a really cool entry. Haha, it's gonna feature the pictures of me from sec 2 till now. When I look back at my pictures, it's amazing how much I change on the outside. (Of course there are intangible changes as well, but that's for another entry for another day) 

Okay, I decided to add some of my baby pictures! 

   #likeaboss since young. Looks like nothing changed. 

My beloved grandma who took care of me. 

I was way too active and so the adults put me in a washing machine while they did their chores so they didn't have to look after me.

Was baptised as a child. I already belonged to God since then, it's the greatest blessing ever. 

Andy's all time f a v o u r i t e picture, I'm not even kidding, he is absolutely crazy over this picture. It's named as IMG_0028, that's how agent 0028 came about and all sorts of nonsense that only we know. Those are what make you mine <3 

It was before all the quarreling started.

Partners in crime. 

My boyfriend in kindergarten who always gave me sweets! 

My first graduation.

On a sidenote, we kinda look alike when we were younger.

Secretly talented. 

Me on my first day in school in p1. We are NOT allowed to keep long hair. 

My best friend in primary 2. She's called Tan Mei Jia. When I found her Facebook sometimes in JC. SHE FORGOT ME. I was devastated but oh wells. That's life. I can't believe we used to be partners in crime in school last time, the teacher had to separate us! 

This was me in primary 3. I was one brave girl, my courage and bravery diminished over the years. I'm even afraid of the dark now. Nobody knows what happened. 

And there's in period of time where I h a t e d to take pictures, so there's no pictures of me from primary 4 to sec 6, it's pretty unfortunate. Not to mention I lost my sec 1 pictures due to my computer failing me. 

And sec 2 comes. Having my bracers then and my face was still tiny and I love bracers cause I thought they made me look cute. Until now, I still m i s s bracers. 

End of sec 2. Was playing with my friend's dog during a project. 

I think this was between sec 2 and sec 3, more likely to be sec 2, cause my name tag wasn't in such a bad shape yet. 

Sec 3, can't believe sneezing in class people also take! 

Amanda Wee. She used to be able to make me laugh like crazy. Wonder where is she now. 

Changing out of our blouse without going to the toilet. Classic. You have to do it at least once or you're not a real PL-lite. 

Sec 4 days, when we were training for campcraft competition. 

They actually taupok-ed me! :O 

High elements. 



Sec 4, O level results release! 

Prom. Now that I look back, I think I looked t e r r i b l e. The make up was way too thick. 

E-liz and me. She was an important important person in upper sec.


Post O levels. 

J1 started. :) 

School just started and I loved hanging out with 09S415 instead of my own class. 

The bridge gang, who knew that Andy would become my boyfriend 1 year down the road.

I turned 17. 

A time of love. 

A really happy picture of us. On a sidenote, those were my favourite earrings of all time. I lost them though, am heartbroken till now. I haven't be able to find the same pair or a similar pair. 


We were supposed to be a pretend couple. 

Hazel the lovely girl.

Isabel Han. My partner then :) 

She brought like A LOT of snacks for us during our stay at SAF. It was really fun and I felt that we really bonded then. I remember rushing to read Andy's texts after training everyday. 


J2. Dance concert :) 

Choir concert and our favourite pimp daddy. 



J2 days. Andy is crazy about my shoes as well. He comes up with funny stories about my shoes, where each spot is a button, when I press one, a part of the Earth is annihilated, all his nonsense about me being an agent. 

Stayover at E-liz's. 

Ranon and me. I thought he looked really good for prom. Serious. 

Sian Ching and me. 

The terrible long hair. I'm so glad NS made him cut. It's the only thing I like about NS. 


After he enlisted. 

Look at how much Hazel and me changed after 1 year! I loved bangs. I loved it. 

Andy's parade, BMT POP. 

After this, everything was just a blur. University started. Lazy to upload newer photos into photobucket. I had a hard time digging through almost 100 pages of picture in my photobucket which only has ONE album (where I throw ALL my pictures into). So I'm just gonna show how I look like now. 

At RWS with my awesome friends. 

And USS with my favourite boy in the world.

This is an extremely brief summary of my life. It does not accurately represent important people in my life! Haha, surprisingly, I cannot find pictures of Thesix. WHY. Especially Bryna who sat with me for like 4 years! I currently have short hair, which I guess doesn't look too bad (Hahahahah) but I'll definitely go back to long hair + bangs. Love it SO MUCH. 

I love my life so much. I thank God for bringing each and everyone of you in my life and made it so special and unique. 

It's amazing how a human body started from 1 cell and it goes to show that my God is really above all. 
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(no subject) [May. 28th, 2012|02:50 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
[Current Mood |jubilantjubilant]

Back to this little space of mine. It's been too long since I've blogged. I am so busy now, even though the semester is over. 

So, I'm finally done with my freshman year. :) 

Time is passing way to quickly for me. I'm still an 18 years old girl at heart. My results in university so far have been pretty dismal, although lots of effort have been put in. However, it always appears to me that I had more motivation and more disciplined in college. One day, I thought about it for a long time and I realised I knew the reason why. I was ultra hardworking in college because I wanted to leave my options open, because I had no idea what I wanted to do. Secondly, was because I wanted to be a good example for Andy (who seems extremely slack to me), because I was so afraid that he has to go overseas cause his results will be so bad. Haha, I'm not even kidding! He had 19/100 for H2 Mathematics Prelims and somehow he manages to clinch an A in the end, which I laregely attribute it to me patiently teaching him Maths. These two reasons are probably the reason why I led such a disciplined life in college, not sleeping for more than 5 hours a day, despite CCA and all.

However, all these are past glories. I know the need to look towards the future and not back towards the past. It's so easy to get lost in happy memories, but it isn't what I should be doing. No matter what my results tomorrow, I will always continue to work hard and live my life for God. 

Speaking about my spiritual life, I changed church to cornerstone recently and I admit it is really a good decision. I learn so much more as compared to HMC. I guess I lost things too, but I'm always ready to embrace whatever new things that will come my way. I want to be a woman after God's heart, I want to make him glad. I want to live for his glory. 

It's ironic how after so long, I actually have nothing to say. I used to love blogging, talking about my life. I guess I grew out of that phase. I'm so much more mature now. I worry about my parents getting old, I want to give them a good life and so many troubles that only adults worry about. Things such a bills to pay, job opportunities. I'm still learning how to trust my Heavenly Father and submit to him completely. I do it once in awhile, but it doesn't last for long. 

I'm actually afraid of growing up, of one day losing my parents. It's really scary. I love them so much, my entire family. I can understand how Katniss in The Hunger Games feel when she volunteered for her sister to take part in The Games. Speaking about that series. It's actually a really good series. It is so touching. When I was reading the 3 books, it felt like I was living in Panem. I like losing myself in books or shows, I can't decide if it's healthy or not because I always feel so so empty and sad when a good series ends or a good drama ends. It's a funny feeling, it was as if my life revolved around it. 

Lastly, I just want to thank God for taking care of me, looking after the people I love all these while. I can't be who I am today without them. My wonderful family, my awesome friends and my amazing boyfriend. Words can never describe how happy/glad/thankful that Andy is my boyfriend. They just can't. Although nowadays we use to argue or quarrel, unlike the past, but I'm so happy that we always find our way back to each other. Sometimes, I think he knows me better than myself. I never ever understand myself, I'm confusing, I'm inconsistent. Yes, inconsistent is the word, I can be so unpredictable. 

I just want to thank God for everything and everyone in my life. I may not be in the best financial situation or have the results to be proud of, but I'm so so so happy to be me. It's crazy! Haha, although sometimes I feel sad or angry, when I think about my life, I can only say Thank You God. And I watched a really touching movie today. If one day, anyone of the people who mean so much to me are gone, I will try my best to thank God for the time I had with them, instead of being angry with the time I did not have and could have with them. 

I'm feeling so sleepy now, I think it's time to sleep. Was chatting with my mum for hours, almost 4 hours! Will have to update Andy and Dianne about stuffs, hehe! In the meantime, I NEED TO BE EMPLOYED :) 

PS. I really enjoyed planning Engin camp although I never thought I would have enjoyed it so much. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would bond with the people outside my OG. However, I did bond with them. It was amazing. :)

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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2012|02:28 am]
I could navigate the ocean in a home-made boat.
The more you think we’ve drifted apart, the more you are closer to my heart. The lesser amount of time we meet, the more I wish you were just by my seat. (LOL!) The more pampered you get, the lesser I feel sad. Because I know you’re the one for me, like how honey is to bees (LOL!) I wish I’ll be able to spend with you the rest of my life and I will definitely make you my wife. The journey may be clouded by fears and we might shed a lot of tears. One thing I know for sure is that we’ll pull through and persevere. I know this rhyme kinda sucks, but hey I just made it up! Okay, maybe the last part didn’t rhyme but it’ll be better next time. ”

It was a message from long ago when Andy just enlisted, but it still brings a smile from my face. Haha, funny how time flies. It's 2012 already. Oh wells, as usual, I'll start on how 2011 has treated me and go on ranting about my resolutions which are likely to not come true. 

So, 2011 was a great year, honestly, despite many things. It's because, I' wasn't schooling for more than half the year! Haha! Yeah, I really enjoyed it. The downsides are my shitty job, my lousy university grades and some random stuff here and there, but I guess it balances out with my awesome A levels grades and me being more self sufficient. 

University is just different. I guess, as one of my wise friend Nicholas says, we always look back and think about the good old days. It's kinda true, when I was in secondary school, I'll miss primary school, when I was in JC, I'll miss secondary school, now in university, I miss JC like CRAZY. My college life was really fun. University is made up of people from all walks of life, really Rojak ttm. Some people I find weird, some I find they have low EQ, I guess, they are just different from me and I shouldn't judge. And so I've been trying to make friends and be nice to everyone. Serious, even with people whom the younger me will never make friends with. And so far all's well with anomalies here and there. Hehe. 

And with regards to 2012, I....don't really have any resolutions which I'm dying to have it fulfilled. I mean, like my 2012 resolutions are kinda like my everyday resolutions, be healthy, study hard, typical wishes for everyday life which are not important enough to be resolutions. So I'm not gonna be lame and list out what I to fulfill. 

So once again, Happy New Year guys :) May 2012 treat you better. 
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